Tiago Fernandez

Tiago Fernandez
Lead Full-Stack Enginner&IT Mentor

About Me

• Full-stack software engineer with 15+ years of experience in IT applications.
• Hands-on architect with deep knowledge of object-oriented design and patterns.
• Expert in Python, JavaScript and Java/Groovy, proficient in Ruby and Objective-C.
• Experienced with crafting cross-platform apps within evolving architectures.
• Complete lifecycle experience from conceptualisation to operations.
• Skilled judging and recommending platforms and tools, given a particular context.
• Familiar with architectural patterns of large, high-scale web/mobile applications.
• Adept of agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming, Kanban and Scrum.
• Excellent organisational and planning skills, able to work independently.
• Pragmatic, proactive, and intuitively good at building interpersonal relations.


Lead Full-Stack Engineer
Madrid 2017 – Present
As member of the analytics group, I have been providing technical leadership while designing and developing end-to-end applications, featuring complex data visualisation within a microservices architecture. The main project I am spearheading is about delivering market insights and relevant information in relation to competitors, so local sales teams can minimise the risk of losing customers and improve their portfolios. Technologies: Django, React, GraphQL, D3, Docker, Ansible, Nginx, Memcached, Spark, Elasticsearch, etc.

IT Mentor
Lisbon 2016 – Present
As member of the mentoring group, I have been coaching multi-disciplinary teams within the world's largest entrepreneurship summer program focused on IT innovations, offering students an experiential learning opportunity that affords deep insight into the startup life.

Research Engineer
Nice 2013 – 2016
As member of the prototyping group, I have created a vast variety of travel search applications. The main project I worked on was the amadeus.net website, which had as main goal to showcase products and innovations in an experimental environment. I was also responsible for key role in a virtual interlining project, which allowed customers to connect flights from airlines that do not usually collaborate onto a single itinerary. Technologies: Django, React, Docker, Ansible, MongoDB, Postgres, Nginx, Logstash, Kafka, etc.
Software Architect
2008 – 2013
As member of server-side extensibility team in the architecture division, I have designed and developed solutions and frameworks to support millions of bookings per year. The main project I have worked on consisted in offering dynamic workflow customisation to existing products via a private cloud solution, including a sandboxed scripting engine. Technologies: Java, Groovy, JiBX, WebLogic, SQL Server, etc.

Software Enginner
Nice 2006 – 2008
As consultant, I have spearheaded the development of several infrastructure applications, aiming to facilitate the data center consolidation process. The main project I have contributed to focused on reverse engineering of a legacy application in order to rebuild it from scratch, featuring a rules engine for taxonomy of documents. Technologies: Java, Spring, Tomcat, Drools, Tamino, ASP.NET, etc.

Web Developer
Zurich 2005 – 2006
As member of the international product development team, I have developed web applications and services to the automotive and property marketplace, featuring claim processing, risk and assessment management, vehicle salvage and validation. Technologies: Java, Struts, OC4J, Oracle9i, etc.

Systems Developer
Boston 2003 – 2005
As member of the air transportation solutions team, I have developed a client-server application for automating flight operations, featuring a tracking module for storing real-time data and displaying flight routes, so as North Atlantic tracks and weather satellite graphics on a world map. Technologies: Java, Swing, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, OpenMap, etc.

Programmer Intern
São Paulo 2002 – 2003
As intern, I have assisted in a web application for managing the workflow of public health, including a code generation tool intended to speed up development. Technologies: Java, Struts, Hibernate, OJB, etc.



Guillaume Laforge
Developer Advocate at Google & Chairman at Apache Software Foundation
“I enjoyed working with Tiago when he was working at Amadeus, using the Apache Groovy programming language. I visited his team for training and also for expertise advice on the integration of Groovy in their backend. Tiago is very sharp, friendly and interesting to chat with. He understands very quickly the technical difficulties and challenges ahead, and was creative and autonomous in the way he solved those integration issues.” (2017)

Hedi Krönström
Head of Program Design at European Innovation Academy
“I had the pleasure of connecting with Tiago at EIA 2016 in Nice. He is a warm person, very creative and nice to connect with. He also has a comprehensive understanding of software development which was truly helpful for the EIA teams while building their startups.” (2017)

Viktor Vojnovski
Research Engineer at Amadeus
“Tiago is a highly qualified professional, always up-to-date with the most important technologies and trends, ready to bring out-of-the-box solutions and challenge the status quo. He has a deep critical sense, and a vast skill set across different domains.” (2016)

Jean-Pierre de Soza
Principal Engineer at HP
“Tiago has a deep knowledge of Java and Software Architecture. He has been instrumental on a project involving a Web Service and a rule engine. He is dedicated, and delivered high quality code and documentation.” (2008)

Nikolay Mosesov
Software Engineer at GFI Informatique
“Tiago is among the brightest people I had a chance to work with. He never stops expanding his professional qualifications beyond the scope of projects he is working on while delivering highest quality code and designs. Working with Tiago has always been a pleasure thanks to the breadth of experience he has and to his cheerfulness and great sense of humor.” (2007)

Fabio Gama
Partner at Omniview Technology
“I've managed Tiago in two different companies and in both cases he exceeded all the expectations. He's got outstanding technical skills that he tirelessly works for improving. In addition to his professional side, he's also very easy to get along , being friendly and respectful all the time, either with management or the team. His profile is also greatly empowered by his discipline and organization. I highly reccomend him.” (2007)





Soft Skills

People Management
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